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« Today (HD, New, TV-G) "Dangers with Dating Apps"; "Today Food" with chef Noah Poses.
Today 3rd Hour (New) "The Inheritance" stars Tony Goldwyn, Kyle Soller and Andrew Burnap; "Lessons Learned"; "Superfood Friday"; "Super Senior."
Today with Hoda & Jenna (New) "Who Gets the Job" with novelist Catherine Fisher; "Kids & Sports"; "In Search of Kindness."

Father Knows Best Shoot for the Moon (TV-G) When members of the Anderson family face several crises of confidence, a homeless handyman with a refreshing attitude offers to help them out.
Father Knows Best Follow the Leader (TV-G) When Bud's classmates develop a plan to rebel against an unpopular teacher, Bud is forced to decide whether to join them or stand by the teacher.
Dennis the Menace The Lucky Piece (TV-G) An irate Mrs. Wilson does her best to bring Dennis the good fortune that her husband falsely promised with a supposedly lucky coin he gives the youngster.
Dennis the Menace Dennis' Bank Account (TV-G) Mr. Wilson gets a temporary position with the local bank, and Dennis sees an opportunity to convince him to open up an account for him.
Hazel Bringing Out the Johnsons (TV-G) When the local school needs money, and Hazel has an idea to spearhead a campaign to help them.
Hazel Hazel Quits (TV-G) A local lake is set to be drained so that a construction company can put up a new building; Hazel is outraged by this and starts a protest against the builders.
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