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« Today (HD, New, TV-G) Author Judith Newman and son Gus Newman from "To Siri With Love"; actor John Corbett from "All Saints"; vocal harmony group Why Don't We performs.

Green Acres The Beverly Hillbillies (TV-G) The people of Hooterville prepare for the annual charity play, a production of "The Beverly Hillbillies", when most of the cast has fallen ill.
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show George Needs Glasses (TV-G) Gracie finds out that George has been lying about his eyesight and believes that his sight is deteriorating; he refuses to get treated for it.
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show The Indian Potentate (TV-G) An important man from India and his assistants have checked into the hotel, which have Gracie and Blanche curious; they attempt to sneak onto his private floor.
Father Knows Best Tell It to Mom (TV-G) Betty decides to help out her close friend by hiding a pair of roller skates, but the situation quickly escalates out of her control, leading to trouble.
Father Knows Best A Friend in Need (TV-G) A dog shows up in the Andersons' yard, but the canine displays talents no ordinary dog would have, leading Jim to think it escaped from a circus.
The Patty Duke Show The Princess Cathy (TV-G) Patty and Cathy compete for the attention of a foreign student who had just joined their class, but the student falls in love with Cathy and asks her to marry.
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