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How I Met Your Mother Last Forever: Part One (HD, TV-14) After a long and detailed recounting of the events leading up to Barney and Robin's wedding, Ted finishes telling his kids the story of how he met their mother.
Two and a Half Men Kinda Like Necrophilia (HD, TV-14) Alan gets very upset when he learns that Charlie stole his former high school girlfriend and soon sets his sights on revenge against his brother.
Two and a Half Men Another Hairy Adventure (HD, TV-14) Alan tries to bond with Jake during a trip; Charlie smokes marijuana in an attempt to forget about Chelsea, but instead finds himself tormented by visions.
Seinfeld The Frogger (HD, TV-PG) George is obsessed with preserving his Frogger high score for posterity; Jerry stays one step ahead of a serial killer; Elaine eats Peterman's expensive cake.
Seinfeld The Gymnast (HD, TV-PG) Jerry's excitement about dating a gymnast diminishes after bad sex; George's girlfriend catches him eating out of the trash; Kramer passes a kidney stone.
The King of Queens Depo Man (HD, TV-PG) Carrie worries that Doug will embarrass himself when her boss asks him to testify in a court case as the expert witness; Danny and Spence fight over Holly.
« Walking Tall (TV-14, R, ***) Upon returning to his home town in Tennessee, a wrestler finds himself a victim of corruption, and counteracts by running against a dishonest man for sheriff.
Universal Soldier (TV-14, R, **) Two American soldiers in Vietnam kill each other over a genocide issue and are reanimated as cyborgs with suppressed memories in a secret military project.
Cybill Since I Lost My Baby (TV-PG) Terry, Jeff's second ex wife, approaches Cybill to tell her that she's pregnant with Jeff's baby, and he has no clue of it yet; Cybill and Maryann lose William.
The Drew Carey Show Drew's Dance Party (TV-14) When Drew and company learn that their favorite local radio station is going off the air, they decide to have a slumber party and request their favorite songs.
The Drew Carey Show The High Road to China (TV-14) Mimi's pay back for a practical joke finds Drew stranded and penniless in China where he suffers many indignities while trying to make enough money to get home.
A Pyromaniac's Love Story (TV-PG, PG, *) A pastry assistant's shop is burnt down, and six people claim responsibility in hopes of winning their lovers' hearts as one sergeant searches for the truth.
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