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The Office Gossip (HD, TV-14) Michael feels left out when he realizes everyone is gossiping about the summer interns, so he searches for gossip; Andy struggles with heterosexuality.
The King of Queens No Orleans (HD, TV-PG) Doug and Carrie find a check for $1,500 that was never cashed in an old wedding present and ask the people to re-write the check so they can vacation.
The King of Queens Big Dougie (HD, TV-PG) After his dissatisfaction with the boy he is assigned through Big Brother, Doug agrees to run a 10K with him; Carrie tells another man she loves him.
Everybody Loves Raymond The Nice Talk (HD, TV-PG) While attempting to complete a puzzle, Ray and Pat, Amy's mother, have a long discussion and become friends, when everyone else finds out, they become jealous.
Everybody Loves Raymond Blabbermouths (HD, TV-PG) When Robert learns some dirty secrets about Ray via Amy and Debra, Ray decides to even the score by sharing some dirty secrets of his own.
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Dennis Looks Like a Registered Sex Offender (HD, TV-MA) After being mistaken for a recently released child sex offender, Dennis shows more concern with the fact that the convict is overweight.
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