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« The Flash Rupture (HD, New, TV-PG) Zoom's return to Earth-1 prompts Barry and Wells to act quickly to stop him; Barry also asks for advice and gets opposing answers.
Containment Be Angry at the Sun (HD, New, TV-14) Lex petitions Dr. Lommers for help controlling the cordon; Katie has a tense encounter with a student's parents; Leo releases more videos of the cordon.
How I Met Your Mother Aldrin Justice (HD, TV-PG) Barney makes it his personal mission to satisfy Marshall's recently divorced law professor; Lily decides to teach Ted's mean boss a lesson.
How I Met Your Mother The Autumn of Break-Ups (HD, TV-14) Ted looks to Marshall and Lily for advice when he and Victoria hit a speed bump in their relationship; Barney chooses a dog to be his wingman.
Two and a Half Men That Old Hose Bag Is My Mother (HD, TV-14) After accepting a loan from Evelyn to buy a new Porsche, Alan is forced to go on a very awkward blind date in order to repay his debt.
« Walker, Texas Ranger Last Hope (TV-14) Walker, Alex, C.D. and Trivette take underprivileged teens to Ranger camp, but one of the boys runs afoul of a drug dealer along the way.
Sudden Impact (TV-14, R, **+) Maverick cop Dirty Harry tracks a mysterious killer and discovers that the murderer is a woman out for revenge against the men who raped her and her sister.
The Drew Carey Show Do Drew and Kate Have Sex? (TV-14) Drew and Kate's romantic encounter is halted when Drew trips over Speedy and sprains his penis; Mimi and Steve learn that they both have fertility problems.
Night Court Danny Got His Gun, Part 3 (TV-14) Dan's rescued by a group of welcoming Eskimos while his friends in New York plan a memorial service.
Night Court Fire (TV-14) A fire breaks out in the building so everyone is forced to head to the morgue for safety, but this doesn't stop Dan from watching the election results.
Cybill Since I Lost My Baby (TV-PG) Terry, Jeff's second ex wife, approaches Cybill to tell her that she's pregnant with Jeff's baby, and he has no clue of it yet; Cybill and Maryann lose William.
Cybill Cybill with an 'S' (TV-PG) Ira brings his new girlfriend to Zoey's sweet sixteen birthday party, but they soon find out she has uncontrollable multiple personalities.
The Drew Carey Show The Joining of Two Unlikely Elements Is a Mixture (TV-14) Drew and company throw a faux wedding for a depressed Kate, who promptly breaks out in hives because of the shifty origins of her wedding dress.
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