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Christian Worship Hour (TV-G) A South Dakota ministry seeks to minister the word of God to those who are unable to attend traditional church services.
Mountain Faith Living with David Gonzalez (HD) In-depth preaching and a practical study of the word of God with David Gonzalez.
The Pastor's Study (HD) Minneapolis-based ministry offers guidance from the Bible to help viewers and congregants grow stronger in their faith, families and communities.
Outdoor Junkies Outdoor enthusiasts travel throughout America and participate in a variety of hunting and fishing adventures with hopes of bringing down different species.
Locker Room Live
Green & Gold Game Day Live

Hollywood Rivals Burt Lancaster vs. Kirk Douglas The stories of a handful of the most competitive rivalries coming out of Hollywood are shared through a collection of interviews, film clips and photographs.
Hollywood Couples Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner (TV-PG) One of the most famous couples to grace the silver screen, the couple met on her 18th birthday, married, divorced and remarried, until her death in 1981.
Pursuit to Algiers (TV-PG, NR) A young heir whose wealthy father just passed away asks detectives Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson to escort him from the European throne to his native country.

Travel Thru History Flagstaff (TV-G) The hosts explore the historical sites of Flagstaff, Arizona, including Route 66, the Grand Canyon, and the Walnut Canyon National Monument.
The Coolest Places on Earth The Coolest Sports on Earth (HD, TV-G) A look at some of the most amazing places in the world for sports, including biking, sledding, paddling, shooting, driving, surfing and other offbeat sports.
Zoo Clues (HD, TV-G) Host Bill Llyod answers many frequently asked questions, and shares little-known information about some of the world's most amazing animals.
Walking Wild at the San Diego Zoo A Panda Hearing Study and Arctic Foxes (HD, TV-G) Dedicated individuals who work at the San Diego Zoo share glimpses into the world of wild animals providing a unique and up-close look at each animal.
Safari The Last Lions of Asia (TV-G) Host John Ross travels the farthest reaches of the world and brings viewers face-to-face with some of Earth's most interesting animals.
Safari The Snake and the Mongoose (TV-G) Host John Ross travels the farthest reaches of the world and brings viewers face-to-face with some of Earth's most interesting animals.

« College Football Penn State Nittany Lions at Pittsburgh Panthers from Heinz Field (HD) Penn State leads the all-time series with the Panthers, 51-43-4, including a 36-28-4 record at Pittsburgh, and the Nittany Lions won the last meeting, 33-14.
Baseball Stories with Jayson Stark Justin Verlander (HD, Repeat) Veteran baseball writer Jayson Stark conducts in-depth interviews with some of the biggest names in baseball to provide a look into their off-field moments.
The Real Winning Edge (TV-G) Sports celebrities present the stories of teen athletes who have overcome their obstacles to find success in a special sport or activity they excel in.
DragonflyTV (HD, TV-G) Girls and boys are invited to join the hosts as they explore how science affects everyday life, from computers and space travel to sports and games.

KitchenAid 100 Year Celebration - All Easy Pay® Offers Hosts showcase the most popular brand names in kitchen cookware, gadgets and appliances, featuring sleek KitchenAid high-performance products.
Countdown to Christmas® Holiday Decor (TV-G) Hosts showcase decorative products for the holidays as intrigued viewers get to countdown the days until Christmas, featuring reefs, stockings, and more.

« National Security (TV-14, PG-13, **+) Two police rejects end up working together as security guards, and after discovering a smuggling operation, they decide to stop the criminals.
Kazaam (TV-PG, PG, *) While trying to outrun a gang of school bullies, a young boy accidentally releases a genie that must grant him three wishes if he wants to remain free.

« Code of Silence (TV-PG, NR)
Captive Hearts (TV-PG, NR, **) When a woman's husband is mysteriously kidnapped, she sets out to find him and soon uncovers an international conspiracy in the works.

« Across the Wide Missouri (TV-PG, NR, **+) A fur trapper buys an Indian wife so he can hunt on their land, but a deranged hunter kills their chief and his successor leads an attack against the trappers.
The Law and Jake Wade (TV-14, NR, ***) Clint Hollister has escaped from jail with the help of Marshal Jake Wade and returns to his small home town where he hopes to find his fiancé awaiting him.
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