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Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
Paid Program (HD, TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
Recipe TV (HD, Repeat, TV-G) Chef Mark Mollica prepares farfalle la vecchia; chef Josie Le Balch makes meyer lemon sauce; chef Oliver Beckert prepares ahi poke.
Workout Wisconsin (HD)
The Sports News (HD) CW57 SPORTS presents “THE SPORTS NEWS”, a newscast dedicated exclusively to area High School & Collegiate Athletic Programs.
Missing (HD, New, TV-PG, E/I 13-16) A look at 23 missing persons cases; tips for safely posting photos and videos online; how to manage activities, photos and descriptions on social media.

« Bad for Each Other (TV-PG, NR) A doctor returns from the Korean War to his hometown in Pennsylvania and must choose between caring for the poor or setting up a prestigious practice.
Fourteen Hours (TV-PG, NR, ***) A man who feels he has nothing left to live for threatens to jump from a skyscraper in New York and a passing policeman attempts to coax him down.
Nevada Smith (TV-PG, PG-13, ***) Outlaws brutally murder an Indian woman and her white husband, so their son sets out to get revenge on the killers by matching their ruthlessness.

Trackdown The Mistake (TV-G) A Texas Ranger investigates crimes following the Civil War.
Cheyenne The Imposter (TV-G) Cheyenne goes undercover as a cowhand at a Texas cattle ranch to see whether its owner is actually an imposter who murdered to seize control of the ranch.
Wanted: Dead or Alive The Giveaway Gun (TV-G) The only clue bounty hunter Josh Randall has to go on when searching for an unidentified gunman is the outlaw's particular way of drawing his weapon.
Wanted: Dead or Alive Ransom for a Nun (TV-G) The sheriff is concerned of an ambush when Josh transports a known murderer to Tucson, fearing the killer's gang will try saving him by any means necessary.
Have Gun, Will Travel The Legacy (TV-G) After being fatally shot by Paladin, a wanted murderer decides to get his revenge by offering up his large fortune as a reward to anyone who can kill Paladin.

« Roberta's Unique Gardens Roberta looks at various types of flowers and plants to see which go best with different styles of houses, while explaining how to maintain the garden.
At Home with Dan (TV-G) Host Dan Hughes uses the latest cleaning solutions and home décor to share organizational and home improvement ideas to shoppers on a budget.
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