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Rules of Engagement Harassment (HD, TV-14) A new employee falsely files a sexual harassment claim against Audrey; Timmy challenges Jeff at cricket to prove to him that the sport is not one for wimps.
How I Met Your Mother The Wedding Bride (HD, TV-PG) When Ted takes a date to see a new movie, he is shocked when the story is based on his life, and that it is written by the man Stella left him for at the altar.
How I Met Your Mother Bachelor Party (HD, TV-14) Barney hires a little female "entertainment" for Marshall's bachelor party, but after Lily reveals a secret about him, Marshall may want a new best man.
The Bill Cunningham Show Betrayed & Abused by My Bad Mom (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Scheduled: two daughters who have suffered from years of anger, hurt and abuse are brought in by their apologetic mother after her return from jail.
Wisconsin Family (HD) Wisconsin Family spotlights our areas best businesses to help local families live better, smarter, healthier, safer, and hassle-free. Topics will include; pare

« Walking Tall (TV-14, R, ***) Upon returning to his home town in Tennessee, a wrestler finds himself a victim of corruption, and counteracts by running against a dishonest man for sheriff.
Hero and the Terror (TV-PG, R, **) A detective struggles to overcome his personal demons when a hulking madman begins a campaign of revenge directed at killing women.

« The Commish Charlie Don't Surf (TV-PG) Stan poses as a pizza delivery man in efforts to catch a gang of muggers; a local restaurant becomes the target of a terrorist; the town is terrorized by gang.
Hunter Change Partners and Dance (TV-PG) Detectives Hunter and McCall investigate the murder of a police officer, but they take on the case individually as they are separated.
Hill Street Blues Buddy, Can You Spare a Heart? (TV-14) Washington works undercover with Benedetto on his loan-shark operation; Hill and Renko find a suitcase full of money.
NYPD Blue The Final Adjustment (TV-14) Simone and Sipowicz question a chiropractor when he is accused of murdering his wife; a woman Simone knows finds out he eleven-year-old son has a gun.
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