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Family Guy Airport '07 (TV-14) After Peter's idiocy during a trip to the airport costs Quagmire his piloting career, he turns to his idol, Hugh Hefner, for advice on how to get his job back.
Family Guy Lethal Weapons (TV-14) Lois takes Tae-Jitsu, quickly becomes a black-belt and scares away all of the frustrating New Yorkers that had come to Quahog to view the leaves.
The Flash Welcome to Earth-2 (HD, New, TV-PG) Barry, Wells, and Cisco venture to Earth-2 in an effort to save Wells' daughter, Jesse, from Zoom; Barry is shocked to encounter Earth-2 Iris and Joe.
iZombie Physician, Heal Thy Selfie (HD, New, TV-14) While Detective Babineaux and Liv are looking into a triple murder, Liv is shocked to find out that the victims have all been decapitated.
« I Ought to Be in Pictures (TV-PG, PG, **) Hoping to be an actress, a young woman sets out for Hollywood where she reunites with her estranged father, a hard drinking former screenwriter.
Murphy's Romance (TV-PG, PG-13, **+) A single mom with a teenage son moves to Arizona where she and the local pharmacist develop a friendship that becomes a romance.
Xena: Warrior Princess Chariots of War (TV-PG) Xena leads a charge against a group, led by a father and son team, intent on destroying a village but is injured in the process, causing Gabrielle to worry.
Hunter Million Dollar Misunderstanding (TV-PG) During an armored car robbery, everything goes awry when the gangs leader kills his partner and the car with the money has been stolen.
Hill Street Blues Come and Get It (TV-14) Hill and Renko rescue a suspected serial killer from a vigilante mob, and Chief Daniels attempts to publicize the event before the media can put a spin on it.
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