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The Goldbergs Hogan Is My Grandfather (HD, Repeat, TV-14) For his term paper about a historical figure, Adam decides to make a movie about his grandfather; Erica returns to confront Beverly for her overbearing ways.
Speechless B-I-- BIKINI U-N-- UNIVERSITY (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) JJ hides his hidden intentions as he convinces his parents to take him on a college visit, but he seeks help from his new friend when his plan unravels.
Modern Family Dear Beloved Family (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Gloria rallies the family to support Phil, who she rushes to the hospital so he can undergo an emergency surgery after he experiences some severe stomach pains.
American Housewife Blondetourage (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Taylor tries ditch her less cool friend and attend a concert with her other friends; Katie is devastated when Anna-Kat no longer needs her as much anymore.
Match Game (HD, New, TV-14) Actor and comic Horatio Sanz; actress and comic Amy Sedaris; actor and comic Tim Meadows; comic and actress Niecy Nash; TV personality RuPaul.

Big Brother: Celebrity Edition (HD, New) Host Julie Chen invites a special group of celebrity contestants over to a redesigned "Big Brother" house as they face a series of unique challenges.
The Amazing Race It's Just a Million Dollars, No Pressure (HD, New, TV-PG) The final four teams come close to winning the $1 million prize as they race across Hong Kong and San Francisco to reach the final finish line.

Riverdale Chapter Twenty-Three: The Blackboard Jungle (HD, Repeat, TV-14) A shutdown at Southside High School forces Jughead and his fellow serpents to transfer to Riverdale High School; Betty sets out to find her brother.
Penn & Teller: Fool Us I Dream of Genie Tube (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Dennis Watkins, Jeff McBride, Kevin Li and Sergio Starman perform their best tricks in an attempt to fool the internationally-renowned duo Penn & Teller.
Local Programs Local programming information.

The Resident Identity Crisis (Repeat, TV-14) Conrad inadvertently gives the wrong family a death notification due to confusion in the ER; Nic finds it difficult to locate a patient's records.
9-1-1 Pilot (HD, Repeat, TV-14) A sharp-minded member of the police force, a 911 call center operator and a firefighter deal with the high stresses of their professional and personal lives.
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Law & Order Age of Innocence (HD, TV-14) Detectives fight a media frenzy surrounding the car bomb death of an incapacitated woman's husband who was planning to have her feeding tube removed.
Law & Order Life Line (HD, TV-14) When an undercover reporter posing as a prostitute turns up murdered, the trail leads police to a father trying to protect his imprisoned son from gang thugs.
Law & Order Birthright (HD, TV-14) A young murder suspect dies in her prison cell, prompting an investigation into a prison nurse practitioner sterilizing inmates with an I.U.D.

2018 Olympic Winter Games Alpine Skiing, Freestyle Skiing, Bobsled, Cross-Country Skiing from PyeongChang, South Korea (HD) Freestyle skiing coverage of the men's halfpipe final, where David Wise is the defending champ; Elana Meyers Taylor and Jamie Greubel Poser lead U.S. bobsled.

Nature The Last Rhino (HD, New, TV-PG) While scientists and animal experts race to save the northern white rhinoceros from extinction, people tell the story of Sudan, the last male of the species.
NOVA Secrets of the Sky Tombs (HD, Repeat, TV-G) A team of scientists climb the Himalayas to explore ancient mountain tombs left behind by the first people to settle in the mountain range.
Impossible Builds The Floating House (HD, New, TV-G) A team in Dubai attempts to combine the best of terrestrial and marine design in order to build a house that floats above and below the surface of the ocean.

John Gray World An Associate Pastor at Lakewood Church in Houston, John Gray shares various messages about passion, humility and power.
Kingdom Connection Pastor Jentezen Franklin presents life-changing, sensible messages, including dramatic plays, musical acts and commanding storytelling with the Gospel.
The Basics with Beth
The Blessed Life with Robert Morris - Gateway Church (TV-G) Pastor Robert Morris of Gateway Church shares insightful lessons from the Word of God, providing spiritual guidance and ministry in a down-to-earth style.
Brian Houston Pastor Brian Houston presents empowering and motivational messages from the gospel that allow viewers to uncover their God-given potential.
Hillsong Church: London (TV-G) Pastor Gary Clarke is joined by Hillsong's London team to share an inspiring message.

John Gray World An Associate Pastor at Lakewood Church in Houston, John Gray shares various messages about passion, humility and power.
Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah (TV-G) In San Diego's Shadow Mountain Community Church, Dr. David Jeremiah presents an easy, understandable, and realistic teaching of the power of the Word of God.
Destined to Reign (TV-G) Pastor Joseph Prince allows spiritually minded viewers to witness the services of New Creation Church in Singapore, where he spreads gospel messages.
Elevation with Steven Furtick (TV-G) Pastor Steven Furtick leads the followers of Elevation Church in an exciting and informative celebration of their beliefs and of God's teachings.
Living Proof with Beth Moore Beth Moore guides viewers through Biblical literacy to love and live on God's Word by following the verse of Hebrew 4:12 and to live by the mercy of Christ.
The Blessed Life with Robert Morris - Gateway Church (TV-G) Pastor Robert Morris of Gateway Church shares insightful lessons from the Word of God, providing spiritual guidance and ministry in a down-to-earth style.

El rico y Lázaro (HD) Historia basada en una parábola contada por Jesús a sus discípulos, descrita en el libro de Lucas, capítulo 6, desde el versículo 19 al 31.
Papá a toda madre (New)
Caer en tentación

José José: El príncipe de la canción (HD, New) José José, artista de alma atormentada cuya permanente búsqueda del amor y la gloria lo llevaron del cielo al infierno de la mano de su más grande pasión.
Al otro lado del muro (HD, New, TV-14) Dos mujeres comienzan una nueva vida… Ambas intentarán sobrevivir, persiguiendo un sueño y huir de sus propias pesadillas.
Enemigo íntimo (HD, New, TV-14) El Capitán de la Policía Federal Alejandro Torrente captura a Roxana Rodiles, la bella amante de Federico Montalvo, jefe del poderoso Cartel de las Cumbres.

Frasier Mother Load, Part 1 (TV-PG) Daphne and Niles decide to move in together, but when her parents arrive at her place on a surprise visit, the two have to try and hide their intentions.
Frasier Mother Load, Part 2 (TV-PG) Daphne and Niles try to get her mother out of the house so they can begin moving everything in, but her mother's insistence to stay proves to be a challenge.
Frasier Juvenilia (TV-PG) Frasier feels that he needs to get the teenage demographic to start listening to his show and decides to appear on KACL's Teen Scene.
Frasier The Proposal (TV-PG) Niles plans an elaborate setting for him to finally propose to Daphne, but on the night he plans the event, she is too sick to go out with him.
Will & Grace Das Boob (HD, TV-14) After a newspaper photo makes Grace look more endowed than she really is, her old high-school crush, who never thought much of her, comes back into her life.
Will & Grace Whose Mom Is It Anyway? (HD, TV-14) Grace gets jealous when her mother sets her sights on Will's love life; Jack must prove to an INS agent that he and Rosario are in wedded bliss.

The Andy Griffith Show Floyd, the Gay Deceiver (TV-G) In an attempt to impress his lady pen pal, Floyd has been posing as a rich entrepreneur but encounters problems when she wishes to meet him in person.
The Andy Griffith Show Opie's Rival (TV-G) Opie is jealous of the attention his dad is giving someone else and schemes to make sure there is no room for another in his father's heart.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. The Grudge Fight (TV-G) Sergeant Carter is teaching boxing techniques to the platoon when the CPO begins to disapprove his methods, so a boxing match is set up between them.
Mama's Family Educating Mama (TV-PG) Mama reveals she never graduated from high school and enrolls in the same night school class as Bubba so they both can receive their diplomas.
Hogan's Heroes Man in a Box (TV-G) Hogan is on the trail of capturing LeBeau, following orders, but tries not to do it too quickly as there a mission to complete; LeBeau must sabotage a factory.
Hogan's Heroes The Missing Klink (TV-G) Hogan wants to stage a kidnapping of Burkhalter and trade him for an underground agent and instead find out that Klink is in fact the hostage.

Retribution Road (TV-PG, PG-13, *+) After a sadistic outlaw is captured by a small-town sheriff after a bank robbery, the criminal's family threatens to destroy the town if he is not released.
The Missouri Breaks (TV-PG, PG, **) A cattle rustler falls in love with the daughter of a rancher who has hired an infamous regulator to clean the territory of criminals, one at a time.

Three's Company Jack the Ripper (TV-PG) Feeling stepped on by Mr. Furley, the girls and Dean Travers, Jack decides to enroll in a course that teaches him to be more assertive and aggressive.
Soap (TV-PG) The Campbells begin to scramble after realizing Elaine has been kidnapped by the mob; Jessica hires an investigator to find the missing Chester.
Benson Marcy's Wedding (TV-G) When Marcy and the television producer, Dan, decide to marry, Benson is put in charge of their wedding but encounters problems when Marcy's mother arrives.
Wings Take My Life, Please (TV-PG) Helen's career in real estate comes to a disgraceful end, but the gang tries to help her by convincing her to take a job-placement examination.
Murphy Brown I Want My FYI (TV-PG) FYI is used as a pattern for a children's show so the staff mentors their young protégés.
Becker Imm-Oral Fixations (TV-PG) John is cross when he realizes he's out of cigarettes and Reggie suggest he quit, which seems like a dumb idea, but another smoker convinces him.
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