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Bones The Man in the Mud (HD, TV-14) A rival becomes the primary suspect when a famous motorcycle racer's remains are found in a hot spring; Brennan and Booth go on a double date with Dr. Sweets.
Major Crimes Zoo Story (HD, TV-14) After young girls disappear from a popular nightclub, the investigation turns confrontational between the Major Crimes Division and Special Operations Bureau.
How I Met Your Mother Oh Honey (HD, TV-14) Zoey fixes up Ted with her cousin; Ted has an intervention with himself after having an epiphany about his feelings for Zoey; Barney moves in on Ted's date.
How I Met Your Mother Desperation Day (HD, TV-14) Barney declares a holiday for desperate women; Lily surprises Marshall for Valentine's Day; Ted and Zoey figure out their relationship; Robin bonds with girls.

My Two Dads The Wedge When Joey's rock star friend visits, he expresses his belief that Michael is a bad influence and Nicole should have more freedom, creating some tensions.
Family Ties I Know Jennifer's Boyfriend (TV-G) Jennifer becomes friends with a boy, but when it becomes known that she is romantically interested in him, she must endure teasing from her peers at school.
Johnny Carson (TV-PG) Guests include actor David Brenner; Major League Baseball player Bob Uecker; business woman Georgia Frontiere; Chuck Donaldson.
Newhart No Tigers at the Circus (TV-PG) Dick falls into a deep depression when a committee declares that the Stratford, though a beautiful older building, isn't unusual enough to be a landmark.
Family Ties Matchmaker (TV-PG) Alex is determined to help Mallory find the perfect boyfriend and refuses to admit failure when his computer program yields a less-than-perfect match.

Heartland Coming Home (HD, TV-PG) When rescuing an abused horse, a noted horse whisperer is killed in truck accident and her daughter wakes up in the hospital; carrying legacy.
Inspector Clouseau (TV-G, G, **) A bumbling, French inspector is loaned to Scotland Yard to help them apprehend a band of bank robbers who disguise themselves as the inspector.
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