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Channel 2 News at 5:30 (New) The Channel 2 Evening News Team offers a report on the latest news of the day, as well as updates on sports, Buffalo area weather and rush-hour traffic issues.
Channel 2 News (New) Details affecting local, regional and national news events of the day are provided by the Channel 2 News Team, as well as the latest weather forecasts.
NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt (HD, New) Crucial events and developments from the United States and around the world are covered by the anchors and correspondents of the NBC News team.
Entertainment Tonight (HD, New, TV-PG) Television personalities Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan; the team explores the return of various film franchises to the silver screen.
Daily Blast Live (HD, New) Hosts discuss the latest trending stories in news and entertainment as they look at the changing world in real time, with live audience participation.
The Titan Games East Region Premiere: UFC Champ Tyron Woodley and Gold Medalist Hannah Teter (HD, New, TV-PG) Contestants compete as the winner advances to face a Pro-Athlete Titan on Mt. Olympus; the top female competitor faces Olympic gold medalist Hannah Teter.

Gimme a Break! Knock Three Times (TV-G) Nell is hypnotized to remember where she placed Katie's graduation ring, but they forget to remove the spell, causing Nell to reveal secrets after three knocks.
Barney Miller The Delegate (TV-PG) When the police officers are forced to deal with a drunk and disorderly man, they discover he is actually a delegate from the 1976 Democratic convention.
Barney Miller Dorsey (TV-PG) The 12th Precinct's newest police detective convinces himself that members of the department are stealing from the force, so he decides to leave.
Channel 2 News (Repeat) Details affecting local, regional and national news events of the day are provided by the Channel 2 News Team, as well as the latest weather forecasts.
Archie Bunker's Place Double Date (TV-PG) After Archie refuses to let Stephanie go out on a date, Billie and Gary agree to double with the pair; Billie tags along to spy on Stephanie's date.
Alice Alice Faces the Music (TV-PG) The waitresses go on a television quiz show where the participants' musical knowledge gets tested, where the ladies face off against three plumbers.

« FBI: Criminal Pursuit The Hunted (HD, TV-14) When a group of teenagers accidentally unearths concealed arsenals scattered across a rural area, an investigator links the findings to an unsolved crime.
Dr. G: Medical Examiner Broken Lives (HD, TV-PG) The medical examiner attempts to unravel the mystery of a missing woman when a murdered "Jane Doe" is brought to her; a halfway house resident dies.
Secrets of the Morgue Ashes to Ashes (HD, TV-14) The cremated remains of a grandmother and her daughter are discovered in the basement of their Ohio home and an experienced pathologist tries to solve the case.
Murder She Solved Not Forgotten (TV-14) Detectives try to solve a murder 15 years after a young surfer is killed, and the authorities rely on drops of blood to name a suspect in the case.

Factory Made (HD, TV-G) The host examines the processes that are used and the special equipment that is required as factories turn out goods such as jet aircraft and blue jeans.
Dual Survival On The Menu (HD, TV-14) Joe and Cody are left stranded in the South African bush, and as they fight to survive, they must hide from poachers who may be after them.
Storm Chasers Back Seat Driver (HD, TV-PG) In the aftermath of the worst tornado Reed has experienced, he tries to recover from the ordeal by pursuing a romantic relationship with a weatherwoman.
Shipping Wars A Fairy Tale Disaster (HD, TV-PG) Chris and Robbie's easy one day run takes a bad turn when a bride-to-be insists on tagging along; Jarrod and Roy have difficulty finding each to trade a load.
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