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2 Broke Girls And the Inside Outside Situation (HD, TV-14) Max and Caroline's cupcake shop is boycotted after they refused service to an artist who is planning to put cocktail weenies inside their cupcakes.
Mom Fireballs and Bullet Holes (HD, TV-14) Despite heavy protests from Bonnie, Christy attempts to start a relationship with her father while Bonnie struggles to accept her decision.
Mom Smooth Jazz and a Weird Floaty Eye (HD, TV-14) Bonnie becomes determined to meet with Adam's estranged brother, but the situation soon grows awkward when he develops a romantic interest in Christy.
The Simpsons The Princess Guide (TV-PG) A Nigerian king works out a uranium deal with Mr. Burns, so Homer is put in charge of keeping his daughter out of trouble and they end up at Moe's.
The Cleveland Show Nightmare on Grace Street (That's the Name of Cleveland's Street) (HD, TV-14) Cleveland and Rallo get scared at slumber parties, and when they come home Donna makes them spend the night in a haunted house to prove their bravery.
American Dad! A Jones for A Smith (HD, TV-14) Stan puts down liberal social programs, claiming they are a waste of money, but then he develops a nasty addiction and needs help.
Tall in the Saddle (TV-14, NR, ***) A hard-headed and chauvinistic cowboy is framed for murder by a group of corrupt officials who want to force him out of town so they can realize their plans.
McLintock! (TV-PG, NR, ***) The estranged wife of a hard-drinking cattle baron returns home seeking a divorce, but a visit from the couple's daughter complicates matters.
Forensic Files A Touching Recollection (HD, TV-14) A clever Ohio girl remembers to leave fingerprints on her kidnapper's vehicle when she is abducted which aids police in their search along with a tire imprint.
The FBI Files Deadly Threat (HD, TV-14) Agencies provide much needed help when a DEA building is bombed and investigators examine evidence to find the culprits.
The FBI Files Evil Intent (HD, TV-14) Agents search for a women they suspect was abducted by a convicted rapist and hope to find that she is still alive.
Unsolved Mysteries (HD, TV-14) Two parents believe their son was murdered, even after the police concluded that his dead was a suicide; a composite artist's career is profiled.
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