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The Dr. Oz Show Living with Shame: I Accidentally Killed Someone (HD, New, TV-PG) Dr. Oz discusses women haunted by guilt, kids who say they remember having past lives, and the medical mystery of a woman allergic to water.
The People's Court Plane ticket tantrum. (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) A court case involves two parties undergoing an intense dispute with one another regarding an airplane ticket, so the judge figures out who is wrong.
Judge Judy Truck Takes a Horse-Kicking!; Dead Ants in Resort Freezer! (HD, Repeat, TV-G) A man says his neighbor's horse vandalized his property; a married couple rents a condominium only to find thousands of insects in the kitchen.
Judge Judy Section 9? Not so Great! (HD, Repeat, TV-G) A mother of three loses her Section 8 status with the government after she fails to report income, which prompts her landlord to kick her out of her home.

The Kelly Clarkson Show (HD, New, TV-G) Actress Sherri Shepherd; actress Kym Whitley; actor Paul Reiser; musician Lauren Daigle performs "Rescue"; Kelly covers Julia Michaels' song "Issues."
Daily Blast Live (HD, New) Hosts discuss the latest trending stories in news and entertainment as they look at the changing world in real time, with live audience participation.
Daily Blast Live (HD, New) Hosts discuss the latest trending stories in news and entertainment as they look at the changing world in real time, with live audience participation.
The Beat on 12News (New)
Entertainment Tonight (HD, New, TV-PG) Musician Ringo Starr celebrates his 80th birthday while sharing cherished memories \; actor Jim Carrey discusses his book "Memoirs and Misinformation: A Novel."

Highway to Heaven Oh Lucky Man (TV-PG) Mark wins a large amount of money and decides to donate it all to a charitable organization, but a clever group of con-artists try to take it for themselves.
Little House on the Prairie For The Love of Blanche (TV-PG) Isaiah Edwards is gifted with an orangutan after he meets an elderly man and becomes the recipient of his dying wish, but the primate runs afoul of the Olesons.
Little House on the Prairie May I Have This Dance (TV-PG) The Wilders switch houses; Willie Oleson proposes to Rachel Brown and when Harriet disapproves of the union, Willie must decide whether to stand up to her.

The Rifleman Dark Day at North Fork (TV-G) Lucas is left blinded from an explosion and must fight his depressed mood in order to prepare for a meeting with an impressive gun-wielding enemy.
The Rifleman The Prisoner (TV-G) At one point in time, Lucas was a prison guard in a prison which held ex-Confederate soldiers and now two of those officers seek their revenge against him.
Wagon Train The Jarbo Pierce Story (TV-G) Charlie Wooster talks about his experiences as a youth working in the Pierce's Bend trading post with a rugged, trading post operator.
Adam-12 Mary Hong Loves Tommy Chen (TV-PG) When an undercover police agent is killed by hoodlums causing mayhem in the Chinese district of Los Angeles, Malloy and Roy are assigned the case.
Adam-12 Sub-Station (TV-PG) A frustrated actor takes a flight attendant hostage and threatens a television producer to give him an audition in exchange for the life of the stewardess.

Mom Nudes and a Six-Day Cleanse (HD, TV-14) Christy transitions towards a new career after she realizes that she has been a waitress for far too long; Bonnie and Alvin attempt to relive their youth.
Mom Fish Town and Too Many Thank You's (HD, TV-14) Bonnie begins to grow suspicious of her brother when he befriends Adam; Christy and Bonnie run afoul of the law when they take Ray's car out for a spin.
The Real (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Ron Funches of "The Funny Dance Show"; "Hotline Bling: A Viewer Affected by the Pandemic."
Maury The Test Will Prove Your Husband Is in Love with Me! (HD, New, TV-14) Although they have never met, a woman believes she's in a relationship with an engaged man; a woman struggles to trust her newlywed husband.

Criminal Minds Honor Among Thieves (HD, TV-14) The BAU team must search for a missing Russian immigrant whose body parts are being sent from the Russian mafia to his family for ransom.
Criminal Minds Open Season (HD, TV-14) Bodies of several missing people are found in an isolated area of the Idaho wilderness, but the victims were not killed where they were discovered.
Criminal Minds Legacy (HD, TV-14) Homeless people living on the streets are the murder victims of a serial killer in Kansas City, and the team travels there to investigate.
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