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Strahan & Sara (New) "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Kandi Burruss guest co hosts; "Old Lady Gang" sisters Joyce Jones, Bertha Jones and Nora Wilcox.
General Hospital (HD, New, TV-14) Alexis becomes careless; Chase has a lead; Ava fails again; Curtis turns his focus toward Canada; TJ confronts Jordan.
Pickler & Ben Scott & Melissa Reeves (HD, New) Rachel Hollis gives some advice and answers viewers' questions; daytime soap opera couple Scott & Melissa Reeves chat about their new career as coffee roasters.

The Drew Carey Show I Dishonestly Love You (TV-14) Kate suspects Drew's former girlfriend is hiding her true intentions when she returns to town and asks Drew to help protect her from an abusive ex-flame.
The Drew Carey Show Beer Ball (TV-14) Upset about being replaced for ringers on the Winfred-Louder softball team, Drew forms his own team and challenges the talent-laden squad to a game on his terms
The Drew Carey Show Drew and Kate Boink (TV-14) Kate has second thoughts about rushing to bed with Drew after reflecting on the fallouts she's had with past lovers; Steve and Mimi announce she's pregnant.
The Drew Carey Show A Very Special Drew (TV-14) In an attempt to win over Emmy voters, the cast introduces an angst-filled episode, which consists of tragedy and controversial issues.
That '70s Show Substitute (TV-14) Eric decides that the time has come for him to intervene when Mitch makes a move on Donna; Bob works up the courage to ask Pamela to move in with him.
That '70s Show Squeeze Box (TV-14) Mitch schemes to ruin Eric and Donna's plan to break their celibacy vows; Red and Hyde get a revealing look at Pamela they won't soon forget.

Welcome Back Kotter The Great Debate (TV-PG) Kotter arranges for the Sweathogs to engage in a debate with the school's own debate team, on the subject of student aggression, against Mr. Welles' class.
Soap (TV-PG) The men try to escape the Sunnies compound who have captured them while trying to save Billy; Jodie considers taking custody of his newborn daughter.
Benson Bugging the Governor (TV-PG) Benson attempts to learn who the person is that bugged the governor's mansion by locking everyone inside until the discovery is made.
227 Happy Twentieth (TV-PG) In order to celebrate Lester and Mary's anniversary, the ladies plan a surprise celebration, but when Lester gets sick, they are forced to cancel the party.
227 The Fourth Time Around (TV-PG) When Pearl becomes engaged to a man she meets in a bar, Mary is apprehensive while Rose and Sandra make plans to throw her a bridal shower.
Gimme a Break! Grandpa's Secret Life (TV-PG) When Grandpa meets an old, former lover's father, her father wants the two of them to get married, but the woman speaks with Nell about who she really loves.

« Jumpin' Jack Flash (TV-14, R, **) A computer operator at a bank receives a coded message from an unknown source telling her he is a spy who needs her to save his life from the KGB.
More Money, More Family (TV-14, R) When no one shows up to their uncle's funeral, two cousins decide to put an end to the animosity between their mothers by pretending that they won the lottery.
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