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The Lone Ranger The Quiet Highwayman (TV-Y7) After a hostile gang of bandits has seized thousands of dollars from a man and woman, the Lone Ranger infiltrates the gang to bring them to justice.
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
Joyce Meyer Ministries: Enjoying Everyday Life Prepare for Increase - Part 1 (Repeat, TV-G) Joyce talks about how God has good things in mind for his followers and what expectation in life leads to in the future.
Life Today with James & Betty Robison (TV-G) A televangelist and founder of a relief organization and his wife welcome guests to discuss a broad range of topics that offer hope and help.
Laura McKenzie's Traveler Ancient Jordan (HD, New, TV-G) Award-winning travel enthusiast and host Laura McKenzie traverses around the globe while using her unique knowledge to offer up tips to viewers at home.
Lester Sumrall Teaching (TV-G) Posthumous teachings from a renowned evangelist about creating outreach ministries and developing stronger churches, families and communities through the Bible.

The Essence of Emeril Yeast Breads (TV-G) Cloverleaf dinner rolls; a basic Italian bread, a long loaf that is an easy way to serve a crowd.
Sell This House Santa Monica, California (TV-PG) Host Tanya Memme is trying to sell her house, but when she doesn't get any offers, Roger steps in to give her the help she need to get the house market ready.
Sell This House Culver City, California (TV-PG) A family has a hard time getting buyers interested in their small, cluttered home, so Roger comes up with a plan to make the space seem larger.
CityLine Halloween (HD, TV-G) The host welcomes lifestyle experts as they discuss a wide array of topics relevant to women, including helpful suggestions from professionals.
Doctor and The Diva Episode 8 (Repeat)

Naturally, Sadie Everything's Relative (TV-G) Sadie is running for the Jane Goodall Institute's Roots and Shoots program when researcher Jane Goodall guest stars.
Mister Ed Ed the Stoolpigeon (TV-G) Carol brings a French Poodle home from the shelter, but Ed is instantly jealous of the latest addition to the family and tries to get the puppy in trouble.
Green Acres Give Me Land, Lots of Land (TV-G) Lisa doesn't want to buy a neighboring property owned by the Watsons, but she changes her mind once she sees their farmhouse; she thinks it's part of the deal.
Rock-a-Doodle (TV-PG, G, **+) A rooster has the animals convinced that the sun will not rise if he doesn't crow, but his cover is blown when he is prevented from crowing and it rises anyway.
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