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Highway to Heaven Dust Child (TV-PG) A Vietnam Vet finds it difficult when his family and friends refuse to accept his mixed-race daughter, which leads to Mark and Jonathan helping the girl.
The Lone Ranger The Condemned Man (TV-Y7) As a war with the Indians is about to erupt due to a murder, the Lone Ranger seeks the person responsible for the heinous crime to divert the battle.
The Lone Ranger The New Neighbor (TV-Y7) The Lone Ranger seeks the true identity of a mysterious stranger, who has arrived in the region to settle his ranch and argue over the water sources.
The Roy Rogers Show Hard Luck Story (TV-G) Roy suspects that an insurance company claiming it can insure any rancher for his entire life may be full of swindlers and investigates its inner workings.
The Roy Rogers Show Boys' Day in Paradise Valley (TV-G) The law enforcement offices are turned over to the students for the day, and a young man's uncle takes advantage by trying to swindle a rancher out of his land.

Flipper: The New Adventures Stars & Stripes (TV-PG) While waterskiing in the harbor, Alex finds pieces of a Navy aircraft, and she and Flipper help the pilot's daughter unveil the truth about her father.
Flipper Lost Dolphin (TV-G) Flipper begins suffering from amnesia and has trouble remembering Bud and Sandy, and another family uses the opportunity to claim the dolphin for themselves.
Flipper The Warning (TV-G) Bud and Sandy go against their father's wishes to warn the townspeople about an approaching hurricane in spite of the clear weather forecast.
Sea Hunt Strange Salvage (TV-PG) A pair of divers is murdered after they discover a sunken yacht full of jewel, leading Mike to investigate their case and bring their killer to justice.
Sea Hunt Underwater Survey (TV-PG) Mike explores the possibility of linking two Latin American lakes by a canal, but his investigation earns the ire of rebel guerrillas.

Chaco Canyon Southwest Jewelry (HD, TV-G) Chaco Canyon Southwest Jewelry presents a collection of fine jewelry inspired by the American Southwest, featuring colorful stones set in silver.
Born Footwear (HD, TV-G) The host presents a wide variety of casual footwear by Born, a company that has handcrafted high-quality shoes for more than a decade.
Jewelry Box (HD, TV-G) Viewers are presented with opportunities to purchase a wide variety of jewelry that has been chosen because of its position at the forefront of recent trends.
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