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« American Idol (finale) 218 (Season Finale) (HD, New, TV-PG) America's vote and the judges determine the winner of the competition.
News 8 Update at 10 (HD, New) WFAA covers news events locally, nationally and internationally as well as North Texas weather updates, sports scores and stories, and other areas of interest.
Dale Hansen's Sports Special (HD, New, TV-G) The two-time Associated Press Sportscaster of the Year recipient offers his opinion on national, regional and local headlines and topics in the world of sports.
High School Sports Special (HD, New, TV-G) The host presents weekly comprehensive updates with the latest stories from the world of high-school sports in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area.

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« News 8 Weather Forecast
News 8 Weather Forecast

Daily | 14 Day
« Secrets of the Morgue Married to Murder (HD, TV-14) When a Filipina mail-order bride and a mother goes missing in Texas, detectives suspect her husband when they learn both his ex-wives died suspiciously.
Secrets of the Morgue Intent to Kill (HD, TV-14) Facial reconstruction is used to identify a skull found at a Boy Scout camp, leading an assistant scoutmaster into confessing the murder of his wife.
Real Interrogations Vanished in the Night (TV-14) The authorities have few clues in their search for a reliable worker and father who mysteriously disappears without notice--until they uncover his secret life.
Real Interrogations Unlocked Secrets (TV-14) When a young woman is reported missing after spending time in a local bar, police discover she was last seen conversing with two male patrons.
Real Interrogations Death in the Family (TV-14) Police believe an 87-year-old man was murdered by one of his relatives and proceed to question that particular member of the family in regards to the incident.

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« Gold Fever Eureka! (TV-14) Gold has been discovered, which leads a group of men to begin their journey west to the gold fields, and an entrepreneur uses the situation to his advantage.
Gold Fever San Francisco Burning (TV-14) The men learn that finding gold is more difficult than they expected; as an entrepreneur's empire expands into San Francisco, a fire may be his undoing.
Gold Fever Lawless (TV-14) After the Great Fire, one man seizes the opportunity to expand his control; the success of the gold fields has attracted big business back east.
Gold Fever Battle for Gold (TV-14) Many men are evicted when the gold fields are taken over, but Boston Company won't give in without a fight; a protest turns into a life-changing battle.
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