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Paid Program (HD, TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
AgPhD (HD, TV-G) The Hefty brothers offer valuable tips to the farming community and educate the non-farming community on the basics of agriculture.
Paid Program (HD, TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
CBS News Sunday Morning (HD, New, TV-G) Correspondent John Blackstone meets actress Chrissy Metz and Bishop T.D. Jakes; correspondent Tracy Smith meets actor Jeff Daniels.

Mantracker Steve & Jeff (TV-PG) The risky sport of freestyle aerials is featured as Olympic competitors, Steve and Jeff, deal with the harsh snow, mud and terrain of winter in north Ontario.
BizKid$ Building Your Business Online (HD, TV-G) The Biz Kids do a parody of the famous Matrix movie; a Frankenstein website goes viral; the crew discusses reasons to not give out personal information online.
Missing (HD, New, TV-PG, E/I 13-16) Investigative journalist Alex Paen follows a series of cases in an effort to help law enforcement agencies locate missing persons across North America.
Animal Rescue (HD, Repeat, TV-G, E/I 13-16) The host visits Gilcrease Animal Sanctuary near Las Vegas, Nevada; a look into rescuing dogs trapped inside a house fire; a salute to animal rescue heroes.
Dog Tales (HD, Repeat, TV-G, E/I 13-16) The host shares a profile on a family's dog before joining actor Bryan Cranston and his dog; the host shares a training tip to teach your dog to lie down.
DragonflyTV Animal Behavior (HD, TV-G, E/I 13-16) Ting and Mallory investigate communication between horses and neurobiologist Erich Jarvis researches birds, brains and language formation.

Leading the Way with Dr. Michael Youssef (TV-G) Author and evangelist Dr. Michael Youssef, the founding pastor of The Church Of The Apostles in Atlanta, Georgia, brings a fresh approach to messages.
In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley The Impact of the Resurrection (New, TV-G) Pastor Dr. Charles Stanley uses his ministry to help spread the Gospel to the people of the world by inviting followers of Christ to rejoice in the word of God.
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
NCIS: Los Angeles Lockup (HD, TV-14) Sam decides to go deep undercover in a federal prison in efforts of tracking down a dangerous terrorist group responsible for several bombings around the world.
NCIS: Los Angeles Tin Soldiers (HD, TV-14) Callen catchs a former KGB operative breaking into his home, the man ends up leading the NCIS team to a shipment of counterfeit computer chips.

Dennis the Menace Dennis and the Radio Set (TV-G) Mr. Wilson mistakenly bids on a busted old radio set at an antiques auction and decides to pass it along to Dennis, who discovers a load of cash stuffed inside.
Hazel New Man in Town (TV-G) One of the Baxters hires a new chauffeur, of whom both Hazel and Rosie want to catch his attention; both compete to get that attention.
The Partridge Family Tale of Two Hamsters (TV-G) When the family departs on a tour, no one can be found to baby sit Danny's hamsters, so they are packed into the bus, but a series of mishaps ensue.
Three's a Crowd King For a Day (TV-PG) When Jacks restaurant gets a good review, it inflates his ego as a chef and business owner; the business starts to attract celebrities due to the review.
The Ropers Odd Couples (TV-PG) When Jeffrey learns Stanley's kitchen fire was from faulty wiring, he worries it'll affect the community and property values, so he tries to keep them quiet.
Three's Company Baby, It's Cold Inside (TV-PG) Mr. Furley and Jack encounter a burglar at Mr. Angelino's restaurant while he is gone on vacation, and the criminal locks them in the freezer.
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