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CBS Evening News with Norah O'Donnell (HD) Anchor Norah O'Donnell and the CBS News team join forces to report on the most important news stories of the day from across the entire planet.
News 19 @ 7pm (New) The News 19 Evening Team offers a report on the latest news of the day, as well as updates on sports, Columbia area weather and current traffic issues.
Inside Edition (HD, New, TV-PG) News correspondents present an alternative program involving hard-hitting investigations, celebrity and pop culture news and gossip, and human interest pieces.
Young Sheldon A Baby Tooth and the Egyptian God of Knowledge (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Sheldon goes to see the dentist and experiences a scientific epiphany; Dale and Meemaw get ready to visit a casino, but problems arise at the store when Dale.
Man with a Plan Adam and Andi See Other People (HD, New, TV-PG) Adam and Andi decide to try making new friends to enhance their social life.
Mom Silly Frills and a Depressed Garden Gnome (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Marjorie decides to try reconnecting with her estranged son; Tammy comes to discover a previously unseen side of Jill while she works as Jill's employee.

« Murder She Solved Cabbie Killer (TV-14) The discovery of a fingerprint reopens a cold case, where a man was accused of being the psychotic perpetrator of a string of murders involving taxi drivers.
Trace of Evil Almost Free (Repeat) Information is shared about the murder of Maggie Locascio to reveal how detailed detective work and forensic science helped to solve her murder.
The Last 24 No Place Like Home (HD) When the body of Diane Holik is found in her Texas home, detectives have multiple suspects but only the victim's reconstructed timeline can identify her killer.
Southern Fried Homicide Heart of Darkness (HD, TV-14) Columbia, Kentucky appears to be the perfect place to raise children, but for one family, a sinister darkness is threatening to destroy their peaceful lives.

Ed Sullivan Show (TV-PG) The universal appeal of this variety show attracted people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and economies; the eclectic entertainment had something for all.
Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In (TV-PG) Guests include David Frost, Don Rickles and Jilly Rizzo.
Through the Decades May 28 (HD, New, TV-PG) News anchor Bill Kurtis walks viewers through major news moments that have taken place in history on a specific day, and how each moment impacts pop culture.
The Dick Cavett Show Angela Lansbury, Billy Eckstine, Janet Flanner, and Roy Jenkins (TV-PG) Angela Lansbury, Billy Eckstine, Janet Flanner and Roy Jenkins visit to chat with host Dick Cavett.

« Ax Men Rygaard vs. Rygaard (HD, TV-14) An anger management counselor is sought; Gabe has a bold new plan; a greenhorn's future is at risk; a new aide is blunt; new horse loggers prove their skills.
Ice Road Truckers Proving Ground (HD, TV-PG) A wreck leaves a driver reconsidering Alaska; cliffs put a haul at risk; a 100-ton load jeopardizes one's reputation; Alex may abandon his truck on the ice.
Shipping Wars The King and His Axe (HD, TV-PG) Robbie and Chris win the chance to transport two pieces of music history; Jarrett is in a race against time when a heavy load slows down his delivery.
Shipping Wars Love at First Flight (HD, TV-PG) Jennifer must deliver a parrot to its owner before the bird becomes depressed; Roy suffers a setback when his truck unexpectedly breaks down.
Shipping Wars Chicken Ship (HD, TV-PG) While transporting a custom hot rod, Marc runs into some bad weather; Jarrett barely manages to load three large chicken coops into his trailer.
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