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« Today 3rd Hour (New) "Pink Power: Alejandra Campoverdi"; actor William Jackson Harper from "The Good Place"; "Second Acts."
Today with Hoda & Jenna (New) Talk-show host Andy Cohen; Halloween door decorations; "Office Ladies" podcast co-stars Jenna Fisher and Angela Kinsey; "Kids in the Spotlight."
The Dr. Oz Show The Search for Alzheimer's Cure: Could Nasal Spray Improve Symptoms in Brain? (HD, New, TV-PG) Diabetes treatment via nasal spray as a way to defend against Alzheimer's disease is discussed; The Dish crew prepares hot cheesy sandwiches.
Judge Judy Mother's Day Drug Use?!; Fight Over Funeral! (HD, New, TV-G) A woman kicks her son out of her house and must deal with a teen living in her basement afterwards; a man sues his late brother's wife over an unpaid loan.

The Donna Reed Show Calling Willie Mays (TV-PG) An upper middle-class housewife gets into humorous situations with her pediatrician husband and teenage children as she tries to juggle life and charity drives.
Family Affair What Did You Do in the West, Uncle? (TV-PG) Bill takes a week off from work and plans an activity for each day of the week, one of which involves an upcoming rodeo in which a friend of his is taking part.
Family Affair Award (TV-PG) Bill thinks the twins are taking advantage of him and Mr. French because they give into the kids' every wish, so he tries to not spoil the kids.
Petticoat Junction The Singing Sweethearts (TV-PG) When The Singing Sweethearts lands a performance on live TV, Betty Jo struggles with the very challenging decision of whether or not to join them.
Petticoat Junction Only a Husband (TV-PG) Everyone is so excited about Betty Jo and Steve expecting their first baby that they unintentionally make Steve feel ignored while focusing on Betty Jo.
The Mary Tyler Moore Show Mary Richards Falls in Love (TV-PG) Mary finds that she has fallen deeply in love with a new man, but she is concerned when he has trouble revealing his feelings as quickly as she does.

The Deadly Bees (TV-PG, NR, **) An exhausted pop singer, taking an island break from performing, must fight for her survival when a swarm of menacing bees starts to attack the islanders.
Phase IV (TV-PG, PG, **+) A scientific team investigates the events in which ants have evolved in the Arizona desert under unknown circumstances and have developed a hive mind.
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