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Judge Judy (TV-G) Judge Judy presides over a no-nonsense courtroom by providing private arbitration and questioning both sides involved in disputes of justice.
Judge Judy (TV-G) Judge Judy presides over a no-nonsense courtroom by providing private arbitration and questioning both sides involved in disputes of justice.
Dr. Phil Please Convince my Daughter She Has an Eating Disorder (HD, New, TV-PG) An 18-year-old woman claims she doesn't have an eating disorder despite her mother, stepfather and grandmother believing she is starving herself to death.
ABC Columbia News at 6 The major local, regional and national news events, sports, weather conditions and traffic are examined and reported by the ABC Columbia News Team.
ABC World News Tonight Crucial events and developments from the United States and around the world are covered by the anchors and correspondents of the ABC News team.

Cold Case That Woman (HD, TV-14) The 1998 case of a fatally beaten 15-year-old girl with a promiscuous reputation is reopened after one of her tank tops is discovered.
Profiler Double Vision (TV-14) Sam is confused when the clues behind a number of disappearances of people in an Alabama town point to two different personalities.
The Closer Jump the Gun (HD, TV-14) After a bank robbery results in a security guard's death, the squad finds odd evidence that makes them doubt whether a known gang of thieves is responsible.

Gourmet Holiday® All Special Offers (TV-G) A look is taken at an array of delectably exquisite dishes meant for the holidays, featuring a mouth-watering selection of sweets, meats and treats.
Algenist Skin Care & Color Cosmetics Beauty Month

Wagon Train The Les Rand Story (TV-G) Flint and a recently released criminal both ride into the same town looking for the doctor, but the criminal's motivation for finding him is far from innocent.
Charlie's Angels Mother Angel (TV-PG) The Angels are put on the case when the niece of Charlie's friend discovers a murder and claims her neighbor, an affluent horticulturist, is responsible.
Mama's Family The Best Policy (TV-PG) Mama and Iola become suspicious of Naomi after Vint takes out a life insurance policy and begins to have a series of freak accidents.
The Jeffersons Honeymoon Hotel (TV-G) Tom and Helen's anniversary starts out badly when they fight about what to do, but then their night in the hotel they spent their honeymoon in goes awry.

JAG People vs Mac (TV-14) Mac is arrested and placed on trial for a major felony that could result in long prison terms if convicted, along with her former mentor, Colonel John Farrow.
JAG The Black Jet (TV-14) Harm and Mac's original mission is to represent a Navy flier, but the pilot slips Harm a message indicating that the $80 million plane didn't crash.
JAG Jaggle Bells (TV-14) A girl claiming to be Mac's sister suddenly shows up at JAG headquarters, where she claims that she has run away from her abusive stepfather.
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