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« America's Funniest Home Videos (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Clips feature children who become upset for various reasons; birthday mishaps are featured; a young girl puts money on her tablet as she tries to buy an app.
Celebrity Family Feud Queer Eye: OG vs. Queer Eye: The New Class (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Carson Kressley leads the "Queer Eye: OG" team as they play for The Trevor Project, while Bobby Berk leads the "Queer Eye: The New Class" squad.
Press Your Luck I'm Not Crying, You're Crying (HD, Repeat) Contestants compete as they answer questions to earn spins on the Big Board, while trying to avoid the WHAMMY, which could take all their winnings.
Match Game Kenan Thompson, Ellie Kemper, Tyler Hoechlin, Sherri Shepherd, Horatio Sanz, (HD, Repeat, TV-14) "Saturday Night Live" cast member Kenan Thompson; "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" star Ellie Kemper; actor Tyler Hoechlin from "Another Life."

« American Ninja Warrior Denver Finals, Part 1 (HD, TV-PG) The competition continues as the crew returns to Denver to welcome participants who previously qualified back to the course to compete in the final challenge.
DC's Stargirl Shiv Part One (HD, TV-PG) The ISA has a meeting; Pat teaches Courtney, Yolanda, Beth and Rick the value of teamwork; Cindy is frustrated with her father's strict rules.
Penn & Teller: Fool Us Teller Vs. Penn (HD, TV-PG) Eric Leclerc, Dev Sherman, Conan Liu and Rubén Vilagrand perform their best tricks in an attempt to fool the internationally-renowned duo Penn & Teller.
47ABC News at 10

M*A*S*H The Colonel's Horse (TV-PG) Hawkeye and B.J. have to perform a tricky procedure on Colonel Potter's colicky horse before Potter returns and remove Margaret's ailing appendix.
Columbo How to Dial a Murder (TV-PG) A psychologists wife suddenly dies in a horrible accident and his best friend, a doctor, also dies under similar circumstances, involving his two dogs.
Collector's Call Meet Rick Lisnek (TV-G) Lisa Whelchel travels the country to see some of the most amazing and valuable collections, where she gets to know the collectors and offers them a trade.
The Flintstones Dino Goes Hollyrock (TV-G) When Fred learns 'The Adventures of Sassie' is auditioning animal talent he coaches Dino extensively and takes him to the tryouts, where he lands a part.

« NCIS: Los Angeles Warrior of Peace (HD, TV-14) Callen searches for an alternative when his father is planned to be used for an exchange for two American photographers taken hostage in Iran.
NCIS: Los Angeles The Monster (HD, TV-14) The team learns of a killer who organizes shows for high-paying voyeurs; Mosley partners with Callen during a joint mission with the ATF.
Chicago P.D. Debts of the Past (HD, TV-14) Someone tries to injure Voight, but he survives and is positive the person is someone he and Olinsky once put away and is determined to find him.
Chicago P.D. Climbing Into Bed (HD, TV-14) The new Street Deputy Crowley keeps a close eye on Ruzek after a mission that was undercover goes wrong and his future with the unit is on the line.

« El negocio del odio Un joven que tiene gran destreza usando los puños es descubierto por un empresario que lo entrena y prepara, convirtiéndolo en famoso.
Ponle de Noche (New)

« Sparkle (TV-14, PG-13, **+) In the 1960s, an aspiring singer must overcome issues in her family, all while three affluent sisters from Detroit attempt to make it in the Motown scene.
Saints and Sinners Don't Go (Repeat, TV-14) The police are scrambling to cover new leads; a discovery is made that could expose the dark and dangerous secrets that surround the murder.
Saints and Sinners Revelations (Repeat, TV-14) A sinful power has arisen and is putting everyone in jeopardy; wicked double-crosses are revealed when the Pastor's killer is finally named.

« The War of the Worlds When a mysterious capsule lands in Edwardian England an invasion force from the planet Mars wreaks havoc on the city and a couple must fight for their survival.
Star Trek Patterns of Force (TV-PG) While checking up on a researcher, Kirk and Spock discover that he has transformed the alien culture he is observing into a recreation of Nazi Germany.
Star Trek: The Next Generation Masks (TV-PG) When the Enterprise performs a sensor scan on a comet that is 87 million years old, the ship gradually turns itself into an ancient temple.
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Babel (TV-PG) A mysterious device in one of the replicators causes a viral outbreak that threatens the entire station, as the staff races against time to find a cure.

« Breakdown (TV-14, R, ***) A man searches for his kidnapped wife after their car breaks down in the desert while they are on a cross-country trip from Massachusetts to California.
The First 48 Hale Storm (HD, TV-14) Detective Mickey Cohn works to solve a case involving a barrage of bullets from a machine gun that left two boys injured and a teenager dead.
The First 48 In Harm's Way; Jealous Rage (HD, TV-14) Sgt. Clopton and his team investigate the murder of a man while being robbed; Det. Tanks examines the murder of a mother shot in the back outside of her car.
The First 48 The Stranger; Prince of Darkness (HD, TV-14) Detectives investigate the double homicide of a hairdresser and his friend; Sgt. Clopton hunts for a fugitive that murdered a mother of three.

That '70s Show The Immigrant Song (TV-14) Red makes his final decision about Eric and Donna; Fez gets arrested for pulling a prank; Hyde and Kelso promise to never have Jackie again.
That '70s Show Celebration Day (TV-14) The kids oversleep and miss graduation while on their big camping celebration; Fez becomes heartbroken because he must leave America; Kitty takes medication.
That '70s Show The Kids Are Alright (TV-14) Eric lives with his parents to help them out even though he just wants to be with Donna; Kelso finds out he's allergic to eggs after he drinks them.
Home Improvement Her Cheatin' Mind (TV-G) Tim is threatened by the bond Jill had developed with a classmate, so in order to keep an eye on her, he decides to become a member of her book club.
Home Improvement Jill's Surprise Party (TV-G) Tim plans a party for Jill, but after the guests he invited arrive, he realizes she has left town to search for an old piano she had as a child.
Home Improvement Advise and Repent (TV-G) Feeling confident after getting a high grade on her paper, Jill begins to give psychiatric advice, but soon regrets it when she nearly destroys a marriage.

« The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (HD, TV-MA, NR, ****) In the midst of the Civil War, two bandits put aside their distrust to search for a hidden Confederate treasure after they each receive a clue to its location.
Drums Across the River (TV-PG, NR, **+) When Colorado crooks conspire to start an Indian war in order to steal the Utes' gold, only a racist but honest rancher will work for peace.

Corrupt Crimes A TV Icon Accused of Murder (HD, TV-PG) Television personality Robert Blake was accused of murdering his wife; Italian politician Silvio Berlusconi was accused multiple times of abusing his power.
OJ25 Recuse Me (New)
OJ25 Recuse Me (Repeat)
Deep Undercover Operation Rollo Tomassi: Kaika Klan Outlaws (TV-14)
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