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« Dateline Return to the Early Shift (HD, TV-14) A man in Kentucky gets convicted of murdering his co-worker, and the mystery is considered solved until a disclosure years later turns things upside down.
DailyMailTV (HD, New, TV-PG) Jessie Palmer hosts a daily newsmagazine, which presents exclusive stories and in-depth accounts of breaking news events in entertainment and politics.
Xploration Weird But True (HD, TV-PG) A pair of siblings explore a series of educational topics that reveal the various scientific aspects of the world, from graphics to hand-crafted art.
Tamron Hall (New, TV-PG) Tamron describes creative, peculiar professions that one can support themselves on.
Family Feud (HD, New, TV-PG) Two families of five members each compete against each other by answering popular survey questions to determine who can reach accord with most answers.

« Gunsmoke Panacea Sykes (TV-G) When Kitty receives a visit from the woman who took care of her as a child, expensive jewelry and other items suddenly begin to go missing.
Bonanza The Cheating Game (TV-G) Young widow, Laura Dayton, is informed by a mysterious stranger that she will receive a great deal of money from her late husband's insurance policy.
The Rifleman The Decision (TV-G) Corey Hazlett attempts to convince everyone he meets that he is innocent of the murder charges placed on him, even though Lucas has an eyewitness testimony.
The Rifleman Knight Errant (TV-G) Lucas becomes the voice of reason when he attempts to keep two of his oldest friends from going through with a duel over a simple disagreement.
Wagon Train Trial for Murder, Part 1 (TV-G) When a passenger in the wagon train is found clubbed to death, all of the evidence points toward one anti-social traveler known for his heavy drinking.

« The FBI Files Human Prey (HD, TV-14) While police search for a man who murdered five hunters the mother of one of the victims addresses the killer in the newspaper and he replies.
American Greed: Scams, Scoundrels and Scandals Religious Prey; Greater Ministries International; It Takes a Thief (HD, TV-PG) A televangelist promises to double donors' money in 17 months; a cat-burglar meets wealthy prospects at parties and then cleans out their jewelry collections.
American Greed: Scams, Scoundrels and Scandals Ea$y Being Green; Stealing the Silver Metal (HD, TV-PG) A con man's green energy firm sells $9 million worth of bogus renewable fuel credits; a highly skilled cat burglar steals only solid silver furnishings.
Unsolved Mysteries (HD, TV-14) A man murders his ex-wife and then buries the evidence in an abandoned school yard; witnesses talk about their encounters with Bigfoot.

Judge Jerry (HD, Repeat, TV-G) A mother demands her son-in-law return the money he stole from her deceased daughters account; a woman is accused of stealing her exs identity.
Maury 10 Women Failed Before... You Won't Prove I'm Your Baby's Father (HD, New, TV-14) A woman is determined to eliminate a mans doubts and prove that he is the father of her six-month-old son; a man denies being the father of his fiancées son.
Maury I've Been Sleeping With Your Fiance...I'll Prove It Today! (HD, Repeat, TV-14) A high school student is kicked out his girlfriend's house after she gets pregnant; a man with a supposed history of infidelity denies being a father.
The Steve Wilkos Show Do You Really Want to Live This Way? (HD, New, TV-14) A woman prepares to end her relationship with a man because she suspects hes cheating; cheating accusations plague a couple during quarantine.

« Emergency! Saddled (TV-PG) A portable X-ray machine leaves Nurse Dixie with a sore foot; John decides he can make extra cash by riding in rodeos; a diner has two explosions in one day.
Highway to Heaven The Squeaky Wheel (TV-PG) An amputee decides to raise awareness about the lack of attention being given to facilities in regards to their ease of accessibility for the handicapped.
Highway to Heaven Goodbye, Mr. Zelinka (TV-PG) A widely adored teacher at a school is being forced to retire because he has reached the age of 70, and Jonathan and Mark help him cope with the change.
Little House on the Prairie At the End of the Rainbow (TV-PG) On a fishing trip Laura and a friend find yellow metal in the stream and gather as much of it as they can, but they get a lesson when they try to spend it.

« The Virginian The Dark Corridor (TV-PG) The Virginian discovers a comatose girl in the wilderness, who upon waking in the cabin of the foreman's friend, believes that he is her fiancĂ© Wes.
Laramie The Killer Legend (TV-PG) Jess Harper is the acting deputy while Mort is in Denver; he catches an ex-convict searching files in the sheriffs office; the ex-cons wife comes to Laramie.
Laramie The Runt (TV-PG) A trio of murderous outlaws are on the run and hide out in Laramie, which causes trouble for their step-brother and his wife; they are held hostage.
Laramie The Runaway (TV-PG) A teenage boy gets mixed up with two saddle tramps; with no money and nothing to do, the trio decide to rustle some cattle at the Sherman ranch.
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