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Paradise Hotel (HD, New, TV-14) The roommates continue to become acquainted with one another and get used to their new relationships.
FOX23 News at 9PM (HD, New) Late breaking news events and top stories of the day are updated by the FOX23 News Team, along with the latest Tulsa area weather and tomorrow's forecast.

The Andy Griffith Show The Darlings Are Coming (TV-G) When the Darling family decides to come down from the mountains, their boisterous shenanigans leave Andy and Barney trying to calm the town down.
The Andy Griffith Show Andy's English Valet (TV-G) Andy receives a chauffeur when an English tourist attempts to work off his ticket for reckless driving rather than pay the fine directly.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Show Me the Way to Go Home (TV-G) Gomer becomes the object of one woman's anger when she accuses Gomer of getting her husband drunk and turning him into an alcoholic.
WKRP in Cincinnati Bailey's Big Break (TV-PG) Andy wants help with the news and Bailey submits her tape; Les doesn't want to work with a woman until she keeps him from on-air embarrassment.
Hogan's Heroes Le Beau and the Little Old Lady (TV-G) LeBeau tells the other men that he has been having frequent rendezvous with a little old lady to deliver messages to her; she is actually a beautiful agent.
Hogan's Heroes How to Escape from a Prison Camp Without Really Trying (TV-G) Hogan and his men experience trouble smuggling thirty prisoners out of Stalag 13, whom he had kept around as the allied forces build reinforcements.

Forensic Files Headquarters (HD, TV-14) A forensic artist utilizes extremely limited data in order to reconstruct the facial features of a woman whose bones were found in a Texas canyon.
Forensic Files One for the Road (HD, TV-14) A wife goes missing while on a vacation in Key West, and all police investigators can uncover is a pair of sandals that may or may not belong to her.
Forensic Files Army of Evidence (HD, TV-14) Police working on case concerning the apparent suicide of a mother of two decide to take another look at the evidence after learning of about woman's past.
Forensic Files Tagging a Suspect (HD, TV-14) Bomb attacks are typically difficult for investigators to solve, but forensic scientists manage to uncover miniscule pieces of plastic that hold a key clue.
Forensic Files Crash Course (HD, TV-14) A highway patrolman is dispatched to a traffic accident; the car's interior is saturated with blood, and the coroner's accidental ruling stuns the officer
Forensic Files Deadly Valentine (HD, TV-14) An obstetrician claims to have returned home from the hospital and found his wife's lifeless blood covered body on the bathroom floor, with no signs of life.

The Good Wife Heart (HD, TV-14) In an emergency courtroom set up in a hospital, Alicia and Will battle an insurance company that refuses to pay for life-saving in-utero surgery.
The Good Wife Doubt (HD, TV-14) Alicia and Will contend with the mounting sexual tension between them as they defend a college student accused of killing her sorority sister.
The Simpsons No Good Read Goes Unpunished (HD, TV-PG) In the hopes of bringing the family back together, Marge decides to force everybody to surrender their electronic devices and visit a book store.
King of the Hill Four Wave Intersection (HD, TV-14) Boomhauer returns to his old stomping grounds to regain his lost surfing mojo after he humilates himself in front of some surf bullies at a water park.

All in the Family The Longest Kiss (TV-PG) Everyone is relieved when Archie calls home with an explanation for his disappearance; Mike and Gloria try to solve an argument by having a kissing competition.
All in the Family Archie and the Miracle (TV-PG) When Archie miraculously escapes being crushed underneath a heavy crate at work, the incident inspires him to attend church in order to thank God.
All in the Family George and Archie Make a Deal (TV-PG) George wants to run for a position on the local council for crooked reasons, but he must first convince Archie to sign a petition in favor of his candidacy.
All in the Family Archie's Contract (TV-PG) A smooth-talking salesman swindles Archie into signing a contract that obligates him to purchase expensive aluminum siding for his home.
Sanford and Son The Olympics (TV-PG) After some confusion over his date with Donna, Fred decides to enter the Senior Olympics to face Donna's other suitor to prove he is better than him.
Sanford and Son Ebenezer Sanford (TV-PG) Fred is grumpy during the holiday season, leaving attempts to make him cheery short lived, but while he is sleeping, spirits show him the error of his ways.

The Command (TV-PG, NR, **+) A cavalry medical officer is all of a sudden forced to assume command after the unit's commander has been killed in hostile territory.
Charro! (TV-14, G, *) A reformed gunfighter falsely accused of stealing a Mexican cannon desperately attempts to find the real criminals who are responsible for the crime.
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