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« 12 O'Clock News (New)
The Wendy Williams Show (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Adam Pally discusses Indebted; a co-host gets the chance to win a beach vacation during 20 in 20.
The People's Court Car Accident Anger (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) A court case involves two parties undergoing an intense dispute with one another regarding a car accident, so the judge figures out who is wrong.
Judge Judy I Live to Pay Your Vet Bills!; Park City Party Problem! (HD, Repeat, TV-G) A woman says the money her friend lent her to care for her dog was a gift; a mans young tenant moves out after two weeks of his alleged debauchery.

« Highway to Heaven It's a Dog's Life (TV-PG) Apparently the Boss has turned Jonathan into a dog and given him a runaway kid with a dense mother and a father who's missing.
Little House on the Prairie Castoffs (TV-PG) Laura is sad after her dog dies, and when Charles brings home another one, Laura rejects him until her new friend persuades her to give him a chance.
Little House on the Prairie Times of Change (TV-PG) Mary rides along with Charles on a business trip to Chicago so she can see her boyfriend, who is now a novice reporter, and they learn a lot about themselves.
Little House on the Prairie My Ellen (TV-PG) When a friend drowns while swimming with Mary and Laura, the girl's mother gradually loses touch with reality, resulting in a scary situation when Laura visits.

World's Funniest Videos: Top 10 Countdown Animal Magnetism (TV-PG) While a countdown is offered on the top 10 real-life moments that are captured on video, the most dynamic clips in each category are highlighted.
That '70s Show Eric's False Alarm (TV-14) Eric tries to make sure Donna won't do anything she'll regret later when he learns that Casey is taking her to a motel; Kelso spies on Jackie due to jealousy.
That '70s Show Everybody Loves Casey (TV-14) Kitty wins a year's worth of hotdogs and decides to have the neighborhood over for barbecue; Kelso breaks up with Jackie; Eric confronts Casey about Donna.
That '70s Show Love, Wisconsin Style (TV-14) Eric rejects Donna when she comes back to him after being dumped by Casey because he doesn't want to be the rebound guy; Hyde and Fez steal a fish.
That '70s Show Going to California (TV-14) Eric decides to head west in order to declare his love for Donna and bring her home; after a change in boyfriends, Jackie finds herself a new woman.
According to Jim The Garage Door (TV-PG) Cheryl and Dana are forced to smash their way out of a locked garage after ignoring Jim's lesson on opening the door from the inside.

« Emeril Live Summer Salad (TV-G) Host Emeril Lagasse prepares a port-soaked melon and ham salad, a gingered shrimp salad, an onion-ring salad and a hearts-of-palm salad.
You Gotta Eat Here! Highland Kitchen, Pfanntastic, Joe Feta's (HD, TV-G) Host John Catucci treks to Edmonton, Alberta, to sample Ukrainian cuisine, travels to Calgary, Alberta, to learn about how to conduct wrist-flipping.
You Gotta Eat Here! Sugarbowl, Grilled Cheese, Shish-Kabob Hut (HD, TV-G) John Catucci journeys to Edmonton, Alberta, to sample cinnamon buns, travels to Toronto, Ontario, to learn about an adult grilled cheese sandwich.
Sell This House! Cathedral City, California: Reina Delgadillo and Deborah Deechan (HD, TV-PG) Reina and Deborah's house needs a more cheerful color on the walls and some accessorizing, and the living room needs a seating area rather than a pool table.
Sell This House! Palm Springs, California: Michael Trefun and Tom Mendel (HD, TV-PG) A couple having trouble selling their home is advised to replace the walls' faux finish, and remove many built-ins and belongings to storage elsewhere.
Design Inc. Sharon's Greatroom (TV-G) Work on a couple's 1860s stone cabin encounters a serious delay when one of the contractors is forced to make an emergency trip to Poland.
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