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« Entertainment Tonight (HD, New, TV-PG) Television host Ellen DeGeneres could put an end to her long-running talk show; former television host Kathie Lee Gifford; actress Jennifer Lopez.
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Judge Judy Bleach and Burglary!; Freeloading Friend Cries Assault! (HD, Repeat, TV-G) A woman who returned home one day to find all of her belonging had been stolen is sued by her landlord for breaking the lease on the apartment.
Judge Judy Get Me Out of Kansas!; Pay My Teen Daughter's Pregnancy Bills; One Way? No Way! (HD, Repeat, TV-G) A single mother who moved to Texas for a new start claims that her roommates owe her money for living expenses; two motorists dispute a car crash.

« Hawk Ulysses And The Republic (TV-14)
Hawk Legacy For A Lousy Future (TV-14)
Hawk H Is A Dirty Letter (TV-14)
Laredo The Deadliest Kid in the West (TV-PG) Reese, Joe and Chad hunt a fugitive train robber and meet his daughter, and they set out to keep her unaware that her father is a criminal by making up a story.

Cybill Kiss Me, You Fool (TV-14) When Cybill feels like her career is going nowhere fast, Jeff pulls a few strings to get her the co-starring role in his new action movie.
Cybill True Confessions (TV-14) In preparation for her new movie role, Cybill stealthily follows Maryann around, mimicking her every move, but soon learns she's hiding an astonishing secret.
Spin City The High and the Mighty (TV-14) A real estate developer tries to use his political connections to gain an unethical advantage the bidding war for a construction project.
Spin City Criss Cross (TV-14) The Mayor falls ill when Paul brings a cold into the office, forcing Mike to take the Mayor's place on a national talk show to debate his girlfriend, Ashley.
The Drew Carey Show Never Been to Spain (TV-14) Drew gets apprehended by airport security when he blows through a metal detector in a rush to catch his flight to Spain; Drew's flight lands him in Greenland.
The Drew Carey Show O Brother, Who Art Thou? (TV-14) Steve quells his recent anger management issues by taking a job as a prison security guard; Lewis tests an experimental drug that causes empathy in inmates.
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