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Mike & Molly What Molly Hath Wrought (TV-14) After becoming frustrated with the first draft of her novel, Molly takes a hiatus from writing and accepts a job as a forklift driver for Vince's warehouse.
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The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show The Accident (TV-G) Harry Morton becomes upset when he learns that his perfect driving record has been tainted after he suffers a traffic accident; he asks Gracie for help.
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show The Japanese Texan (TV-G) Gracie tries to help Bonnie Sue get the leading role in a movie by inviting the director to a fake-anniversary dinner; George discovers the scheme.
The Joey Bishop Show Joey Plugs the Laundry (TV-G) Joey clogs up the laundry on his sitcom, and winds up getting overloaded with demands of "equal time."
The Joey Bishop Show Joey's Mustache (TV-G) Joey remains obstinate in keeping his mustache, despite everyone telling him to shave his face.
McHale's Navy Evil-Eye Parker (TV-PG) After discovering that a U.S. Senator is making a visit to the island, Captain Binghamton tries to prevent a concert from taking place.
McHale's Navy The Great Impersonation (TV-PG) After it is learned that he looks remarkably similar to a high-ranking British General, Parker is asked to act as a diversion in New Caledonia.
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