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Pobre diabla (TV-14) Un playboy, que descubre que le queda poco tiempo de vida, se casa en secreto con la joven que lo cautivó, pero que no tuvo tiempo de presentarla a la familia.
Prófugas del destino (New) Tres fugitivas de la ley se hacen pasar por unas monjas y acaban en un convento del lejano poblado de San Carlos, donde encuentran amor y desean hacer justicia.
Hechos (New) Comienza el día con las noticias presentadas de una forma dinámica, fresca y única, con lo último en política, economía, entretenimiento y deporte.
Al extremo en 30 (New) Entretenimiento en los programas actualmente en curso en televisión, con noticias e información de eventos actuales, la industria del entretenimiento y famosos.
Pasión deportiva

« Boiling Point (TV-14, R, **) A federal agent travels from Los Angeles to Newark on the trail of an associate's killer before he is taken off the case in a week.
In Too Deep (TV-14, R, **+) A detective becomes immersed in a dangerous drug cartel in an effort to bring down its kingpin at the risk of losing himself in the evil he hopes to destroy.

JAG People vs Mac (TV-14) Mac is arrested and placed on trial for a major felony that could result in long prison terms if convicted, along with her former mentor, Colonel John Farrow.
JAG The Black Jet (TV-14) Harm and Mac's original mission is to represent a Navy flier, but the pilot slips Harm a message indicating that the $80 million plane didn't crash.
JAG Jaggle Bells (TV-14) A girl claiming to be Mac's sister suddenly shows up at JAG headquarters, where she claims that she has run away from her abusive stepfather.

Boston Legal The Nutcrackers (HD, TV-14) Alan helps a woman regain custody of her white supremacist daughters; a woman wants to sue God for her husband's misfortune.
Boston Legal Angel of Death (HD, TV-14) Denny and Alan head to New Orleans to defend an attorney who is accused of euthanizing patients during Hurricane Katrina.
Without a Trace Exposure (HD, TV-PG) When a photographer tied up in multiple scandals suddenly goes missing, a long list of individuals are suspected of being involved in the disappearance.

The Drew Carey Show Bananas, Part 2 (TV-14) The gang plots an escape plan to spring Drew from the asylum in time for the store opening; upon learning Mimi snatched his job, Drew loses it and is committed.
The Drew Carey Show Drew Gets Out of the Nuthouse (TV-14) After being released from the mental institution, Drew runs in to Nicki at the Warsaw where the two decide to get married; a jealous Kate proposes to Drew.
3rd Rock from the Sun Youth Is Wasted on the Dick (TV-PG) Dick runs into some of his students during his spring break trip with Mary and decides to party with them; the cops use the Solomons' attic for a stake-out.
3rd Rock from the Sun Dick Strikes Out (TV-PG) A new chancellor's unpopular decision at Pendleton inspires Dick to encourage a faculty protest, but when his plan backfires, Dick saves his own skin.
3rd Rock from the Sun Shall We Dick? (TV-PG) Dick enters a school dance contest with Mary, even though she can't dance; Sally and Alissa become shopping buddies, which makes Tommy anxious.
3rd Rock from the Sun Dick and Harry Fall Down a Hole (TV-PG) Dick and Harry fall down an abandoned airshaft where they become trapped, so a rescue is attempted, headed by a man claiming to be a hole expert.

« A Big Hand for the Little Lady (TV-PG, NR, ***) Five of the richest men in the territory gather in Laredo for their annual high-stakes poker gamer where the high rollers attempt to swindle a town newcomer.
Dallas (TV-PG, NR, **) A former Confederate officer goes on a quest for vengeance, assuming the identity of an inept U.S. Marshal before surprising the objects of his bloodlust.
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